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Professional Badass is a passion project started by myself, Ana Kresina.

After spending most of my waking hours reading about travel, finance, and how to maximize all aspects of my life, I figured, why not merge some of my passions and start on my own project, and from that, Professional Badass was born.

Blending Professionalism with Badassery

“Be the best version of yourself” has been my motto for a while now. But, what does it mean to be the best version of yourself? For me, it’s ensuring that I optimize all aspects of my life. I want to kick ass at any project I take on, strive for financial independence, be fit as hell, and adventure across the whole world (I’ve visited 50+ countries so far).

In a way, what I really want to do, is blend my professional world with my “I don’t give a shit” attitude. And, I suppose, this website is the forum to do so.

I want to share some of the realizations and learnings that I’ve come across in my journeys with you. And, in turn, I want to learn from the people who inspire me … which is YOU.

And that is why Professional Badass exists.

Adventure seeking, art loving, unconventional living, professional badass.

Official Biography

Ana Maria Kresina is a vagabond hailing from Vancouver, who embraces adversity, obsesses over learning, is an experience-seeker, and a self-proclaimed badass.

She graduated from Canada’s Simon Fraser University, and has since gained 10+ years experience in communications & marketing in academia, corporate, and the not-for-profit sectors. Ana has consulted with various companies including online businesses, creative agencies, and athletic organizations. Her current endeavors include researching the best adventure spots, being a plant enthusiast, and reading way too many financial blogs. She currently resides in Melbourne.

In her past life she was a roller derby superstar, a social-issues advocate, and a travel writer. She can’t live without cheese.